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On this page you can find agendas and presentations for meetings since 2012

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In 2020, PSFN Co-founders Clem Bezold and Nancy Donovan represented PSFN in presentations to officials from the South Korean government on “The U.S. Response to COVID-19 and the Role of Foresight,” (Donovan) and “Post-COVID political and economic futures.”(Bezold). The conference was entitled:  "COVID-19 and the Age of Hyper-uncertainty:  Resilience Challenges and Responses."   

In 2021, PSFN hosted and co-hosted several virtual presentations on topics ranging from pedagogical issues related to developing a forecasting and foresight curriculum for the National War College in the United States to principles related to foresight for governments facing COVID-19.  


"Forecasting and Foresight," April 21, 2021 presentation by Captain Trent Hesslink, Dean of Students at the National War College and Mark Kohler, Senior Vice President of Good Judgment, Inc. Video recording:

"(HOW) CAN FUTURES THINKING HELP GOVERNMENTS RECOVER AND REINVENT?," October 1, 2021 presentation by Duncan Cass-Beggs and Alanna Markle, OECD Strategic Foresight Unit at event co-hosted by PSFN with the Association of Professional Futurists.  Video recording:

UPDATES ON GOVERNMENT FORESIGHT IN ASIA, FEATURING SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, THE PHILIPPINES AND SOUTH KOREA, May 12, 2023 presentations by Cheryl Chung, Head of Singapore for Kantar Public; Rushdi Rahi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Industry Government  Group for High Technology; Shermon Cruz, Chair, Association of Professional Future; Seongwon Park, Director of Innovative Growth Research Group; National Assembly Futures Institute, Seoul, South Korea. Video recording:

UPDATES ON FORESIGHT IN THE CANADIAN AND US GOVERNMENTS, January 10, 2023 presentations by Imran Arshad, Director of Outreach for Policy Horizons Canada; Eric Popiel, Co-Chair of the Federal Foresight Community of Interest (FFCoI). Video recording:

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PSFN, the Federal Foresight Community of Interest (FFCOI), and the Association for Professional Futurists (APF) hosted this year’s meeting on Wednesday, July 31, 2019. Below are the links for the agenda and the presentations.

2019 Meeting Agenda

The Risk and Threat of Radical Leveling and Emergent Neurotechnologies in Non-Kinetic Operations by Dr. James Giordano, Professor of Neurology and Biochemistry; Chief, Neuroethics Studies Program; Co-Director, Program in Brain Science and Global Law and Policy, Georgetown University Medical Center

Foresight and the Research Policy of the European Union by Nikos Kastrinos, Team Leader for Foresight, European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation

Lessons from the Mouse: A Global Case Study in Corporate Foresight by Frank Spencer, Creative Director and Founder, Kedge and the Futures School; and Yvette Montero Salvatico, Managing Director and Founder, Kedge and the Futures School. Related information:

U.S. Special Operations Command: At the Nexus of Strategy and Innovation by Aaron Bazin, Managing Director, Donovan Strategy and Innovation Group

Professional Life in 2040: Impact of Emerging Technologies by Denise Sughrue, Director, Toffler Associates; and Robert (Bob) Wagner, Senior Associate, Toffler Associates

The Evolution of “Collapse” and Other Futures by Jim Dator, Retired Professor, University of Hawai’i. Related information:

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This year, PSFN and the Federal Foresight Community of Interest (FFCOI) were joined by the Association for Professional Futurists (APF) in hosting the Foresight in Government day on Friday, July 27, 2018. Below are the links for the agenda and the presentations.

2018 Meeting Agenda

Foresight for Mayors and Local Government

Foresight in and for Legislatures

Black Swans, Scanning the Fringe

Foresight Cases


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PSFN held its annual meeting once again with the FFCOI (Federal Foresight Community of Interest). Participants attended both in-person at the Veterans’ Administration Conference Center in Crystal City Virginia and virtual from around the world.

2017 Meeting Agenda

We had four great presentations with discussions, and the presentations are listed below with links to slides for three of them. Lane Jennings of AAI Foresight offers a summary of the presentations and discussion (note that Peter Padbury adds his own summary at the end of Lane’s piece).

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PSFN held its annual meeting with the Federal Foresight Community of Interest (FFCOI) on Friday, July 22, 2016. It was a successful gathering of over 100 participants in the conference center of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons near the U.S. Capital. Below are the links for the agenda and the presentations.

2016 Meeting Agenda

Federal Foresight Community of Interest – Panel on Foresight Experience

Foresight Faces Challenging Issues

Advising National Governments and Administration Transitions on Foresight Processes

The Aspirational Component of Foresight: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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This year’s meeting was held on Friday, July 24, 2015 from 8:30 am to 3 pm. The 50 attendees included turnout from U.S. federal agencies (Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Government Accountability Office, U.S. Forest Service, and National Defense University) as well as officials from variety of Canadian government agencies and the World Bank. Attendees also represented foresight from the governments of Finland and the Netherlands and included those from a range of academic and other organizations in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Bermuda, and China. Below you’ll find the meeting agenda and presenters’ slides.

2015 Meeting Agenda

On The State of Foresight in U.S. Federal Agencies

Foresight in a Regulatory Agency

On Foresight, Complexity & Technological Change

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2014 Meeting Agenda

U.S. Federal Foresight Community of Interest by James-Christian Blockwood, US Department of Veterans Affairs, Director of Strategic Studies, Office of Policy & Planning

Developing scenarios to determine future Canadian Army requirements and concepts by Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Rankin & Peter Gizewski, Canadian Army Land Warfare Centre

Developing scenarios for public health by Clem Bezold, Institute for Alternative Futures

The History and Future of Scenarios & the U.S. Coast Guard by CDR Eric Popiel, US Coast Guard

Using “Prospective Evaluation Synthesis” & grounded foresight to design education-related study for Congressional use by Jamila Kennedy, US GAO, Education, Workforce and Income Security Team

Creating an International Public Sector Foresight Network by Nancy Donovan, US GAO, Applied Research & Methods

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